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Social Media Advertising

Build your brand with Social Media advertising.

With powerful audience targeting tools at our disposal, I can make sure your ads are appearing in front of the right eyes to maximise conversions.

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Paid Social

It is easy to set up a social media account/page and run boosted posts however running effective paid social media ads is a completely different beast. Don't know what sort of text to include in your ad copy? Should you be using hashtags and emojis? This is where I come in.


I make sure your ads express the same message as your organic posts and add call to actions within the character limits to maximise on content engagement.

Social media is becoming a part of day to day life with more and more users using these channels as shopping channels. No doubt your competitors will be advertising on here so make sure you stay ahead of the game with affective social media campaigns.


Powerful Targeting


With over 2.7 billion active users on Facebook alone, social media ads have access so some extensive targeting tools to make sure your ads fall in front of the right eyes.

Whether it be targeting baby furniture items to new parents who have recently purchased a new home or targeting pet insurance to pet lovers, we can get really granular with the targeting to reach the right audience.

What does this mean? Highly relevant content in front of an already interested audience results in high conversion rates.

Audiences & Retargeting

Have you built up a decent sized audience of users that have already interacted with your site or social media accounts? This is where paid social media ads can provide a great return on ad spend with retargeting ads.

Remind users on their social media channels of items that they have added to cart but not converted. This is a great way to engage those cart abandoners and maximise on your site conversions by targeting users on different platforms.

You can also target similar users which can result in you taking some traffic away from your competitors!


No Contracts


Unlike most agencies I don't tie you into any long contracts. If ever a situation arises where you would like to pause the ads or stop using my services then there is no notice period and you are not liable for fees past the date of letting me know.

This is one of the main benefits of working with a flexible freelance PPC expert like myself. There are no large notice periods or exit fees like when you work with PPC agencies.

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