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Google Shopping Management

My enhanced data feeds, structured campaign breakdown and granular bid management has led to an average increase in daily revenue of 57% and ROAS of 23%.

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Feed Creation & Optimisation


A vital part of successful Google shopping campaigns is a high quality data feed. Submitting a poor quality feed and missing out on key bits of information can prove to be really difficult to attract relevant traffic through to your site.

If you're selling t-shirts and your product title doesn't even state it's a t-shirt in the title then either users are going to struggle to find your products or you're going to have to pay a pretty penny to get any traffic.

Poor titles are a common issue that need to be fixed and my powerful feed creation and optimisation tool allows for me to insert key terms, combine attributes and remove unwanted values.

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Feed Enhancement Methods

I can use my powerful tool to enhance your data feed in several ways whether it be manual overrides or rules making bulk changes. I can create really quick and easy rules to implement huge changes and improvements to your data. There is also a strong A/B testing tool to use when testing out different product title types to see which generates the best click through rates.

I submit your feed to the Google Merchant Center up to 4 times a day making sure the data is as up to date as possible. I also monitor any errors there may be and make sure these are sorted to make your data 100% correct.


Google Shopping Campaign Management


I work directly in the Google Ads interface which is completely transparent so there are no third party tools which are hard to understand.

I create campaigns through a detailed strategy plan which generates a granular breakdown of product types or brands and allows for product level bidding.

Instead of having 100s or 1,000s of products sitting in the same category under the same bid, I create a granular break down allowing more control over the spend of your ads.

This detailed campaign build, combined with my vast experience gives your campaigns the best possible chance of meeting your business goals.

Product Level Bidding

I can identify at a product level which items are either performing well or are performing badly. So I can push your top selling products and pull back spend on the items that are attracting cost but aren't converting. This product level of control massively helps towards a better return on investment for your Google Shopping campaigns.


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